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Mo really know's what he's doing and knows how to keep me really motivated.

Dan Butler

MMi Fitness have helped me improve my shape and I've lost weight too.

Richard James

I have lost over a Stone in weight and now have more muscles than ever before, Mo is Magic


Medway's best kept secret. With Mo's personal training & dietary advice, I have lost 4 stone of fat.

M Singh

I love the fact that I have the Studio to myself when I'm exercising


Mo has been amazing since day one, having initially starting with him after losing a lot of body mass through extensive dieting.

I needed to improve overall strength for my favourite sport whilst seriously needing to rebuild my muscle mass, I reached a really good level of strength and muscle build aided by his dedicated, methodical, practical and can do positive approach.

I started as a total gym newbie …. I knew nothing nor knew what to expect.

You are made to feel comfortable capable and supported, no question is left unanswered no matter how silly it seems.

The gym is private and you are dedicated to all the time you are in session reducing any risk associated with gym equipment and in my case a lack of general gym experience.

Mo has advised extensively on diet and certainly keeps your interest sparked to keep going and the results show it.

During my training I suffered serious multiple injuries in a sporting accident and spent a number of months in recovery, essentially going back to square one and back some more with some life changing damage.

Having started back with Mo a number of months after the accident and with the blessing of the consultants his care, drive and sheer determination to help me succeed and get back has brought me right back to the training and fitness level that I was previously at and further advanced in many cases.

Put simply he knows what he is talking about, the results show it and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Mark – Sept 2019


I have over 25 years experience of working in the Fitness Industry. I worked in Rochester at Virgin Active as a qualified REPs Advanced Personal Trainer level 3, for over 3 years. Previous to this I worked for the InterContinental Hotel Group chain as a Personal Trainer. My clients have ranged from Ambassadors, Oil Executives and many other high profile VIPs. I also have experience of training national sports teams in strength and remedial exercises.

I am a qualified Fitness Manager, Gym Designer, DNAFit Accredited Trainer, certified Advanced Nutritional for Weight Management and qualified instructor of the Swiss Ball, Bad Ball, Boxing, Kettle Ball, Power Plate and Pre-Ski training.

I put your fitness first to help you improve your health and lifestyle providing motivation and professional advice you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

All my clients are treated as VIPs and receive the best advice and training with fitness packages designed and tailored to their specific needs and goals. Their ages have ranged from teenagers to over 80 years old.


At MMI Fitness Personal Training you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions, in a private gym, where I will create a bespoke training plan which will focus on one thing - your results. I will conduct an initial physical analysis to create a program specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.

Your bespoke individual training plan will encompass your health and fitness development, your diet and your lifestyle.
At MMI Fitness, personal training integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways. This includes options such as strength, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise and sports performance.

After your initial free assessment I will recommend how many sessions might be required to achieve your goal. To achieve the best and faster results I normally suggest you commit to at least three sessions per week, but whatever plan is designed, the demands of your life style will be taken into account. You can choose to purchase individual sessions, packages or pay monthly (no membership fee).

Your individual plan will be designed to be progressive and challenging, and will take you through all areas of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.

Together, working as a team we can achieve success and reach your goals.

At MMI Fitness Personal Training you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions, in a private gym, where I will create a bespoke training plan which will focus on one thing - your rehabilitation.


More to follow

My present and past client’s results speak for themselves. MMI Fitness Personal Training is about using tried and tested methods founded on the latest health and fitness industry thinking where my client’s goals always remain at the heart of the plan.  

With over 25 years experience of working in the health and fitness industry my depth of technical and scientific knowledge is evident in both my style and approach, both from a diet and fitness perspective. I work with closely with each client to find a solution that is unique to them.

Everyone is different and knowing this is the reason why I get such good results. After carrying out an in-depth initial consultation (focusing on diet, fitness and therapy) a picture emerges which allows me to plan a training program unique to that person. The plan will be based upon a mixture of cardiovascular, boxexercise, strength training and circuit training and will provide the stimulus for clients to achieve great results.

I pride myself on providing a VIP 5 star customer service no matter how big or small the demand.

MMI Fitness offers a world first in Medway with DNAFit testing.

DNAFit has developed a specialist relationship between genetics, diet and exercise. As an accredited DNAFit Trainer, I can offer the very latest training programme using genetic science.

DNAFit uses genetic researching techniques (used by many professional athletes ) which help to tell what type of exercise best suits you, your risk of injury, how long you need to recover and what diet best suits you. DNAFit™ Body Performance Pro gives you the power to change your shape and improve your fitness using the very latest in genetic science.

The process is carried out by taking a simple mouth swab, which is then sent off for laboratory analysis of 30 dominant genes to determine the findings.

Your genes are tested in the following areas:

  • Power/endurance genetic makeup
  • Injury risk profile
  • Recovery speed
  • VO² Max potential
  • Micronutrient need
  • Ideal diet type
  • Carbohydrate sensitivity
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Coeliac predisposition
  • Detox ability
  • Recommended daily micronutrient intake
  • Anti-oxidant need
  • Salt, Caffeine and Alcohol sensitivity

The results of your DNA report enable me to create a totally bespoke training and nutritional plan, unique only to you. The report also indicates:

  • How you respond to certain types of exercise
  • What is your risk of injury
  • What is the best type of diet for you
  • What type of exercises do you need to do, to lose weight

Areas of Expertise

  • Fat loss
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Toning and Sculpting
  • Sports Performance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility and mobility conditioning
  • Pre and postnatal fitness
  • Muscle Building

Client Expectation:


  • Private 1 to 1 personal fitness sessions
  • Bespoke fitness program
  • Nutritional Advice with Diet Plan.


Fitness Studio:

MMi Fitness Personal Training
Unit A
Bonded Warehouse
Hulkes Lane

Opening times:


  • 6.00am to 10.00pm
  • 6 days per week 



Results will vary for every client.