sports injuryThe wrong arritude is a big risk

If you are perpetually injured, you may think you’re just unlucky. But when sports psychology consultant Dr Josie Perry looked at injury rates among more than 600 endurance athletes, she found some common traits among those with the most repeated injuries.

They had low emotional control (the extent to which an athlete can control their emotions): more negative feelings about themselves: they coped poorly with adversity and took the least notice of advice, she says. Modelling the behaviour of infrequently injured athletes, should help keep you healthy. Here’s is what she found:
Less – injured Athletes:

Had a coach/personal trainer (self-trained athletes had more injuries than coached ones, but only if they were honest with their coaches and had regular contract).
Listened to their bodies and dealt with niggles early on.
Used a training plan.
Put physio into their plan – not just using it when a problem arose.
Understood the demands of their sport.
Rested when necessary.
Followed advice regarding rest and rehab.
Coped well with stress and daily hassles.